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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Spontaneous Me in Manila

Out of spontaneity and love I found myself in Manila last night. It was one of my impulsive trips. After work I was eating dinner and still haven’t change clothes when I traded messages with someone. Next thing I remember I found myself on a bus to Manila. Things happened so fast, I just got the grip of the whole thing when he got mad at me maybe after he realized I wasn’t joking after all. I cannot back out that time because I already had my ticket and paid for it.

My plan didn’t get through as I have envisioned it to be. But hey, it was better. It was not a waste of time as he has told me. Zesar and I met Swet at Quattro Bar in Timog. It’s been so long the last time I saw and talked with Swet. We talked a lot and catch up with each other. I got to experience Quattro’s “Jumbo mugs” which Swet always told me I should try. I love their sizzling mushroom. Swet was so generous that we haven't finished the first place that he ordered for another.

We tried to go to another bar but decided for some coffee instead. We tried two cafe but they were already closed. I dunno what happened next cause I dozed off in the cab. When they woke me up we were already at his house. And when I saw his bed I just fell like a sack of potato to sleep.

Swet was so hospitable; he asked his yaya to cook breakfast for us and even called a trike for us to get out of the village. Zesar and I took the MRT and separated ways there. The MRT station was nice; it reminded me of the subway in Singapore. It was my first time riding that MRT line. Hehehe.

I took off at Ayala station and picked up a birthday gift for Nanay. I even bought a new shirt because all my white tees that I brought are wrinkled and I’m not wearing them. I changed at restroom. I also bought some gifts for the 12 gifts of Super Christmas. ^_^

After that I met friends at the bus station. We ate first before we headed out. On the way home, Monterey called One3 and scheduled him tomorrow for an interview.

Need I elaborate more? Hehehe. Well, got to go. Got to prepare some things for tomorrow’s trip. :D

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