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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Senti/Rant to sandalan

Senti/rant to sandalan: 11/22/06 8:52 am

Why does it hurt when I love? But I know the pain is easily washed away by just a simple act of love. Am I born to be a martyr? I accepted the truth long ago where I stand and that every relationship will end. But what I am hoping for is not a man that will live with me till the end but that every relationship end amicably and every man I met will end up as a close friend of mine. It is too much to ask? I’m happy with whomever I’m with. I live up every moment with them as long as I can cause I know eventually I will have to let them go. Seeing them happy with a girl brings happiness to me. But I’ll be a hypocrite if I said I’m not hurt. Yes I’m hurt but that’s a tinge only compared to the happiness I feel. I want them to be married and have kids, for me it feels like some kind of fulfillment. An achievement I know that is too far away for me. I can say this cause I accepted the fact that I am a man loving a man. In this moral country of us, we know this kind of relationship is still taboo. And it will be a long way for our social norms to accept this kind of living.

Pardon me for the grammar/sentence construction; my head were full of random thoughts that time.

Got to go. I’m off for Manila again tomorrow. I’ll update later.

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