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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Saturday Night Kapoy

It's Saturday night (technically speaking it's Sunday morning) and I'm right here blogging and not on the gimmick scene. And I'm still alcohol free atm. :) I'm not really in the party mood tonight. My headache due to hangover from last night gimmick just wore off 2 hours ago. And besides almost all my friends have passed for the night. B is tired from his first day of work, Tofee is tired and sleepy, Kuya Egay had a scraped knee due to bike accident, Aris doesn't want to drink because of hangover, and Zesar is on his batchmates. Even Marco and the people from the shop ain't in drinking/partying mood. It's Saturday night and we just let it pass. It seems all are "kapoy" tonight.

We'll the night is still young. Maybe later i'll drop by at the local bar for a bottle or two of beer to help me sleep.

Before I go, I want to greet Nanay a Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Nanay! Love you!


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