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Monday, November 20, 2006

Rumor and B being Bold

I went for an afternoon stroll to Matabungkay Beach yesterday with some friends. The issue about the real score between me and “sandalan” brewed again when they saw the two of us cavorting on the water and throwing starfish at each other. Hey, it’s not our fault to enjoy the sun, sea and sand while the three of them lounge lazily on the balsa. We prefer to cool off that way rather than sitting our ass off and being scared of skin darkening because of some late afternoon sun. In fact it’s the other way around as I’m doing my skin a favor when I rub my body with sand to exfoliate and why buy those expensive salt skin cleansers when you can have it for free and au naturel. 


Enough of that, Aries saved me some time and picked-up Jimbo as he borrowed my bike to court some girl in Lian. We drank at the store with some friends and moved to the local bar later for some videoke. Since its Sunday night, there are few people in the bar and my friends had the chance to have the videoke for themselves. I don't sing.


I was stunned and touched at the same time when One3 told me that B had approached and told him na ingatan ako. He didn’t give me all the details so I asked B about what he told One3 and why. His answer was far beyond on what I expected him to say but he is quite right in his observation. For the record, B knew almost all the guys from my lovedom and he met and hanged out with some of them, but this is the first time he do such a bold action. I now knew why. Thanks B, wab u so much.



“Darating sa buhay mo, pag-ibig na laan sayo at mamahalin ka nya ng higit pa sa maibibigay ko…” An excerpt from the song Paalam na by Rachel Anne which I received as SMS. Which I replied back with:


Life is what we make it. Fate as well. Destiny is an excuse. Why wait for the right person to come along. When you’re totally happy with the one you’re with” Raja 11/19/06 7:54pm


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