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Thursday, November 2, 2006

The Problem when you have lots of Friends

A good old friend, Richard paid me a visit early lunch yesterday. We talked for a while and did some catching up. It was cut short cause he needed to leave that afternoon cause of work so I gave him a ride back to the cemetery. Damn, why didn't the government declared either 31 or 2 a holiday.

After paying respect to my grandparents grave I had the chance to talk to a close friend who I am in bad terms with. Fuck_ur_opinionI was also excited to see his new haircut, he messaged me that he already had his hair cut. He's the one I've decided to have a haircut with but I didn't wait for him. After chatting a little his highschool batchmates came. There were some implied snide comments. But the HELL I care. Fuck your opinions! Hehehe. Ooopss, I'm flaring up, got to zip my mouth. :D

Moving on, I excused myself cause I needed to meet my highschool batchmates for dinner  but they weren't there anymore. They were expecting me an hour ago but I already messaged them that I can't make it because this is the only time that I can make up and clear things with a close friend. I then recieved messages from a friend making me choose between them and my other circle of friends. What I'm expecting to hear from them are words of encouragements not arguments. Ahhh, that's the problem if you have so many circle of friends. You have a lot of friends, but oh so little time. Pif.

After that incident, I hurriedly jump to my other circle of friends. I met with Aris, Kuya Egay and Zesar at a friend's place. I immediately told them that I just checked them out and I'm gonna be leaving soon. After a bottle and a half of a local brandy I decided to go to the bar where I'm gonna meet up with my close friend and his friends since the session is over. They were very understanding and supportive that they even accompanied me to the local bar just to make sure I will be ok.

The local bar was jampacked. There are still unseated groups who are waiting for a table to be vacant. Some groups already have beers in hand still waiting to be seated. Some tables were beyond their usual capacity. The dance floor was really not enough to accomodate the people. The people on the dance floor is literally over crowded. A lot of people were dancing on the stage and even on the speakers. A few people occupied the spaces between the tables near the dance floor. I found myself dancing near the edge of the crowd. I still have the memory of the last brawl. Speaking of brawl, there was almost one after the third set. But between two women I knew. And I wonder why Gina was so hot-tempered. I wondered whose side she'll be. With her sister from the sorority, Daria, or with her friend, Dang. I didn't care what the answer will be, cause the fuck I cared. It's a catfight and to think the cause it oh such petty.

I was lucky that my friends were there early and are seated already. Ize and company were still waiting to be seated when I arrived. Luckily I had some college friends that are leaving that time and asked me if I want to have their table. I said yes and then gave the table to Ize and Xstin.

As I was seated near the entrance, I can easily see who come and who leave the bar. I was like a receptionist, standing everytime I saw a friend and going to their tables to say hi. I saw Paolo, Dad, and Adobo. I also saw my college friends from Lian, my highschool batchmates, and my old gimmick mates. It was really nice to see them again.

"the most rewarding thing in friendship is when you meet the old peers beholding the same warmth"

After the party we ate at a friend's house. It was almost 5 in the morning when I got home. I didn't catch enough sleep because I'm already awake just before 9 in the morning it's already warm in my room because of the direct sunlight. I tried to catch more sleep but my head was throbbing because of mild hangover. I had gran matador, martini, red horse and san mig light last night.  I really guzzled a lot alcohol last night cause I had a good time with old friends. I already decided last night that I'm gonna take the morning off at work.

And I'm really in need of sleep right now. Got to go. Got to catch some power nap while I'm on my break. Bye!

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