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Monday, November 13, 2006

Past Present Future, Happy Birthday Elenita

Figuratively speaking, I was with my past, present and future rajah and two other friends last night at Kozy Korner for some beer and videoke. Maybe it’s stroke of luck to have the company of three special men in my life in one place in one given time. Whatever the reason is, I’m thankful and I’m happy. No, it was not happiness I felt but elation is the right term for it.


After that we transferred to Ate Dang’s to meet my high school batch mates. This place is house cum sari-sari store cum “tapsihan” cum “inuman” and cum hangout. By this time there were only three of us left so we preferred to drink inside. In this place there is one particular couch that whoever sits there fall asleep, as the owner claims. Like some sort of sleeping spell. And I accidentally sat there while waiting for the noodles. When I opened my eyes, four hours have gone by and a message on my mobile. It was sarcastic but sweet at the same time because it was an act of concern. And I rarely get message like this especially that expresses genuine concern. It was nice knowing that somebody cares for me to the point of being sarcastic in pointing out my flaws for me to do something about it. He really put sense in me. I thanked him for his concern. He said it was nothing but it was a big thing for me because there are lots of men who care and show concern for me. But what makes him different is that his is genuine. And that is difficult one to surpass or just even be on the level of what he has shown me. Maybe others can give much more but the question is, are their concern genuine?




BTW It’s 13 today. :/

I just want to share some thoughts:

He doesn’t need to do heroic or grandiose thing to make me happy. Just the sight of seeing him smiling with the creases besides his eyes showing, and knowing that I’m the one who made him do so makes me happy.


In his eyes I see the world. A world like nothing compared to anything earthbound.” Raja Voom



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