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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Manila = Food

I was in Manila (again) with someone special yesterday. I accompany him for a job interview. I ate a load of food when we had lunch at Kenny Roger’s Roasters. We ordered the baby backribs with chicken combo that includes soup, side dish and salad. Adore_foodI didn’t know where I put the two java rice and all the fixing I ate plus a full serving of mais con hielo for my dessert. Hahaha. I ate much more than him. Well what can I say, I LOVE FOOD.  Food is one thing I really miss in Manila. There is a variety of food that I can gorge upon on in Manila. Dozens of options where I can satisfy my cravings. Unlike here in Nasugbu where after 10pm the choice is tapsi or andoks. T_T

Anyway enough of food, it makes me salivate again for more. Throughout the trip we bonded and even reminisce our past. It was really priceless even if he said no to watch movie or mall around. He just didn’t want me to spend. Bah, I just wanted to watch the new Bond flick. And I just want to pick up something that will fancy me. He always telling me to save money.

The bonding didn’t stop there. Last night we were with friends at the newly opened KTV bar near their house for videoke and some drinks. We talked a lot more. I love being with him, we never ran out of topic to talk about.

Oh, I need to finish the list of requested books of the faculty. I am going to Manila (again) tomorrow to purchase them.

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