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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Making your Fines Work for You

I was in Manila yesterday, the third time this week. Hah, I am really tireless. I bought some requested books by the faculty. This is what I call, “Making your fines work for you”. Ha ha ha.


I needed someone to carry the books and some box of continuous paper. I tried to wake up a close friend but he’s still sleepy and he can’t come with me. Maybe because we went home late after our li’l “videoke concert” at a local bar the other night. I tried sandalan but he had ROTC. So I went alone. I decided I would just take a cab if I can’t carry all the things I bought.


I was lucky because at the first bookstore I visited they also carried the books from the other bookstore. It saved my time in half to buy all those books. I didn’t buy the boxes of continuous paper because the last bookstore I visited didn’t have them. I will have a hard time looking for one cause by that time I was lugging three bags of books and they were heavy. Then I met with a dealer for library furnishings for some catalogs I need. I need a lot of furnishings for the library. And I need it in standard size and specifications.


After that I headed to the bus station. I thought I’m gonna be home before dark. But I missed the bus, it just left. And man I waited for over an hour for the next bus because of traffic. I was really irritated by that time, all I want is to get home as early as possible. Then the line suddenly branched into two. And the line I was on where like the false one. I was like I'm gonna be pissed of I won't get in the bus. The line just went poof when the bus came. I was thankful I am thin and I had no problem squeezing in. I reserved the seat beside me for whoever I know and I really happy to see and gave it to Angelo, my ex supposed brother-in-law. (Is there such thing?) Hahaha!


This is one trip I didn't get to eat good food. I was thinking of eating either at Wendy's or Greenwich but my priority was to get home as early possible. And I can't mall around lugging those books. But anway I really did enjoy the rice-in-the-box. :D

Since it's Friday night, I was with Toffee, Lloyd and Joel at the local bar last night. I was hoping B was there also as it was our monthsary. We've been together for a year and ten months. We'll maybe on Sunday as he promised we're gonna go out.

Ciao for now. I’m off to pay Uly a visit. It was Toffee's idea and I kinda miss Uly a li'l bit. I don't want our friendship go down to nothing.


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