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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Lovely Dinner and Hangover

I treat myself and two close friends for some good food at Pina Pares at Balayan. As usual we have my favorite sisig and tanigue steak. It was a lovely dinner because I have to share it with two special people. We had a lively conversation because their jokes, anecdotes and of course our different viewpoints and ideas. They even teamed up against me. They teased me about someone throughout dinner. They were alike in some ways, and they both impresses me. I'm so lucky I have them in my life. We were singing songs on the way home. We dropped B after dinner cause he received a call from Splendido for him to start working today. I sticked for while on a friend's house before going on a drinking spree.

First I met with my highschool batchmates. It was a small gathering a few people were present. It was some sort of preparation for the December grand reunion. We talked about it and some other stuff over beer. I got also the chance to see some pixs from last February reunion. [Note to self: I'm copying them after blogging.] Then minutes after midnight, I met with Aris, Zesar, Kuya Egay and Edwin. They waited for me for over an hour and they were almost finished with their beers. Got a shot or two before we headed to the local bar. There I guzzled more beers. On the last set of the band, each of them took me for a dance. It was so sweet of them even if we look crazy. But the hell I care what other people thinks, we ain't doing anything bad. After we drank we strolled for a while. Kuya Egay got his knee scraped due to a minor bike accident. I got home 8 this morning with a splitting headache. I slept again on my friend's cafe. I still have a hangover till now even after catching more sleep. My head still hurts. I Just ate my first meal an hour ago and on the road again. Got to go. Gonna copy the pixs.


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