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Sunday, November 5, 2006

Love Q&A

Do you never got tired of loving me?

"If ever I get tired it should be long time ago. I promised whatever happens, I won't get tired of loving you. I already envisioned living and dying with you till the end as close friends."*

In a sentence what really made you happy and complete?

"What made really really happy in the track of my life is you coming to my life. Wala istir. kahit ipaliwanag ko pa uli sau ng makailang beses. Alam m naman di ba."

Then later I followed it with this message:
Iluvuidiot"I love you because you have so much respect in me. You always make me feel I am special. You know how to deal with my temper. You never demand, you never compete with my priorities. You always listen and put sense in me. you make me laugh and makes me happy even it's simple things. You love me because of who I am and not of because of who I was and I will be. Satisfied?"

You'll meet a lot more people "better" than "name omitted". Tama Mali

Breathe"Mali. It is you have did not taken me for granted. Who have shown and given me more than I expected. You, who I will not give up even if it means death. It is you who I really love the most. And I know as of now, there will be no greater deed on what you have shown me."*

*translated to english from tagalog.

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