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Monday, November 27, 2006

I woke up in someone's bed this morning :P

When I opened my eyes I realized that it’s not my room and I’m still at Zesar’s place. I got drunk last night and they decided for me not to drive home. It was still early in the morning and when I checked my phone I got a couple of unread messages. Replied to some sms then I tried to sleep. But I ended up exchanging messages in between naps with Toffee who is still up cause he’s on the night shift. When there was a little light I decided to went home cause I had to go to work.


I had my molars extracted just an hour or two ago. Dra. Miramontes was an angel; she finally squeezed me in her busy schedule and she had the most wonderful touch that the procedure went like a breeze. I didn’t felt any pain at all, maybe as a result of a lot of anesthesia shots. She told that I have quite a tolerant on anesthesia maybe resulting to excessive consumption of alcohol. Gee, I wonder if how many percent of alcohol is in my blood now.


I’m quite lucky I fill-in on some patient’s appointment and I won’t have to endure another week of toothache attacks. Sandalan was there with me all the time cause I’m a little scared. It was my first time to have a tooth extracted. AFAIK the last time I had a tooth extraction was elementary days. GTG, I need some rest.


Side Note:

I learned from sandalan that he received a message from One3 asking him a little favor for me. Though it sounds off his intention was nice and it’s sweet of him to do so. >.<

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