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Friday, November 24, 2006

Emotional Rollercoaster

These past two days I’ve been to Manila to attend the Philippine Librarians Association, Inc. Annual Conference held at the Manila Hotel. I failed to attend the first day cause of the delay in the processing of the cash advance I filed for.


Anyway, that is not my point here. These past two days was an emotional roller coaster ride. One3 and I were together for these two days, even if it is only on the bus rides. It’s worth 2 hours of bonding in every ride. He went to Monterey Cavite to pass some requirements and he’s quite lucky he started with his job right away.


Wednesday we had a row about some stuff after we parted ways. Luckily when I met him that afternoon on our way back home he’s in a good mood and we patched things up or somehow. We even had dinner at a friend’s resto as a mini celebration for his first day at work. I even helped him pack some things.


Yesterday morning our trip to Manila was ok. I’m also excited that he got a job. But when noon came he was mad at me again. I teased him on sms about how I knew the exact cost of his dental bridge and he suddenly flared up. I just accidentally learned the full amount when he gave me his pixs and the receipt was with them. I told him these and that settled it.

Whew, 2 days of away – bati. I need some drinks. Got to go, gotta meet Aries and Zesar.

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