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Sunday, November 19, 2006


Happy Monthsary B


Before anything else, Happy monthsary too, B. Thanks for sticking with me for the last 22 months. I Love you!


Anyway, I met Uly yesterday. It was nice talking and seeing him. From the looks of him, he definitely lost weight. We chatted for 20 minutes or so before I and Toffee headed to Balayan to kill time.


I planned not to go out last night and just hangout with One3 but the barrage of sms of Ize and Tin made me meet them at the local bar.


On my way to the bar I was surprised to receive a sms from One3 asking me where I am because he agreed to be picked up by some friends on the thought I was with them. He was quite surprised when he learned that I was not with them. He too, didn’t want to go out, but he cannot back out as it was too awkward and will cause a scene if he do so.

Luckily they went to the same bar. We were texting each other the whole time were there. After the bar I went to his place with some takeout as we agreed beforehand on sms. Over food we talked about what happened and he just made a joke out of it. It was really dawn so after the chow I quickly went home.


I wonder what other “eksena” will happen next… I am quite sure this is not the end of this…

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