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Saturday, November 4, 2006

Driver's License/ Boy's Night Out/ Happy Birthday Ulysses

Shit, I was stopped by some men in uniform at a checkpoint. Damn! I was not paying attention while driving. If I just saw that there is a checkpoint I could have turn back. What the hell I'm thinking that time. I was just like, "oh! there is a checkpoint..." when they stopped me. I was really cluless that time. My mind was really really flying when it happened.

I got an offense for driving without license. Student driver's license doesn't count. To cut the embarassing story short, my Uncle saved Raven from impounding. XD

I really need a driver's license ASAP.

After the incident I dined with a closed friend, told him what happened, talk a lot of things, catch up a little. I felt sorry in leaving him all alone closing the store. I really miss the two of us doing that and a little stroll afterwards before going home. But I know if I stayed longer and made my other friends wait, he'll get mad at me for doing so.


So Aris and I fetched B, cause he promised to spend his weekend with me. Then we got a little detour to Aris' highschool buddies in a house in the middle of nowhere. The only access to this house was dikes as it was in the middle of rice paddies. If you fall you can choose from barbed wire or water to catch you. Luckily the moon was nearing full moon so the path is illuminated with a soft glow.

After a while, Aris decided that he'd stay with his batchmates. So B and I went off to meet with Marco, Zesar and Kuya Egay. We drank the last case of beer that was left from my birthday.

After there were only two bottles left we went to the "house in the middle of nowhere" to pick up Aris. I have planned to make this a boy's night out. So i wouldn't want him to be left out. But the idiot decided to spent the night there.

A few minutes before we left, Aris messaged me to come back for him (maybe after realizing what he'll gonna miss) but Zesar who's driving Egay's bike was speeding. We're full at my bike, jimbo, marco and I. We where already at Makiz store when we met the other two adn told them about Aris. They decided to come back for Aris while we wait for them at El5.

Unfortunately kuya Egay had a flat tire and after vulcanizing Aris decided to go home as he was sober. So I just canceled the whole for the boys gimmick as it was already past 3 in the morning.

After Jimbo dropped me home I let him took raven home cause im too tired and woozy to drive him home. I don't want another set of scars. Hahaha


Happy Birthday Uly

Sorry I didn't had the chance to greet you personally. Jimbo returned Raven late in the afternoon. We did tried to get to your house but it was already dark and I thought you maybe celebrating your birthday elsewhere. Well, happy birthday again.

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