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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Thank you Kuya Egay, Zesar and Aris

The storm is now gone. But the wound that it opened and the pain it cause still remains. I'm just glad there were friends to soothe my aching heart. To cheer me up.

Thank you kuya Egay, Aris and Zesar for making smile even though you know I'm depressed. Thank you for the effort, I really appreciate it. Especially when each of you took me for a dance while giving words of encouragement. I'm really happy for what you did. It cheered me up and enlightened me. I know you guys will be there for me as I make a move now.

Thank you for all the effort you have done in cheering me up in when I was lost. Not only last night but on the past few weeks when where together. Don't worry about me. I'll be in my old self again, in fighting form. I should have listened to you guys way back. The hell other people thinks and says. They are not the one who makes me happy but they are the one putting me down. Bah, I don't care about the snide comments and side comments anymore. I won't give them the pleasure of being affected by their sarcasms. :P

There's a lot of buzz about me and a close friend going around lately. I talked with him last night. I explained to him that my heart belongs to only one man and I consider him only as a good friend. That he should not gave in to the rumours spreading around. That he's the one who knows me well. I thanked him for the time he was there for me, through thick and thin. That whatever happens, I know he's the one true friend that will support and understand me in every step I take. Thank you.

It was fun last night at El5 because of them. There was no band but only videoke and lots of people. But it was a blast. I was dancing atop the speaker. Hahaha.

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