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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New Haircut

Finally I went for a hair cut last Thursday. The night before my party. I cut my shoulder length natural crowning glory to a short pixie haircut. I want my hairstyle to be like this again. Low maintance hairstyle. Wash and wear. Just add a li'l wax or gel for styling and Ta Dah!


A lot of speculations and comments arised just because I had a haircut. A lot of people asked "why on earth you had your hair cut?" Some speculations includes, I am depressed, I did it so I pleased my Mother to get some big bucks, or the school have ordered me to have a hair cut or I did it to get some attention. Some comments are "I don't like what's happening to you" and "You're really are out of your mind." Hell no, I didn't do it for that reasons. I did it cause I really wanted to. I really wanted to have a haircut long ago. It was just decided I'm having my haircut together with someone. But I couldn't wait for him so I decided I'll do it alone. Even he is flabbergasted on my action. It was just all sudden cause I want to have a new look for my birthday bash. And that's it. No more than that.

It's funny just a simple sudden haircut and you'll received a lot of comments and be judged.

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