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Monday, October 23, 2006

I Hate Mondays

I had a row with a friend early this morning. Talk about starting a week with that. I wonder what will the week has to offer. I'm crossing my fingers that this matter will be settled before the week ends.

It just started as a simple "gud morning" and a question. Then both of us just flared up. And soon we were exchanging message about each our side of the story. I told him I'm just explaining and all this time I'm waiting him to explain his side. There were couple of message exchange before we finally settled into nothing. And as usual leaving the matter unsolved by hanging by messaging "NC" or no comment. Haiz.

He planned on talking to me personally but he backed out. I want this matter settled amicably. We have shared a lot and I was hoping for more. And the least I want is for us being enemies.

Both of us don't like the idea of ending as enemies. But then why doesn't he have the balls to talk to me. If he doesn't have, then I will.

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