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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hectic Saturday

I've been to attending a lot of birthdays recently. Birthday of friends, of friend's friend and relatives. Last night I was torn where to go, there was an invite by Ize and by Jimmy, Aris' friend. To add more there was my highschool buddies drinking.

My plan was Jimmy's birthday, go home and shower, high school buddies then Ize. So I went to Jimmy's Birthday first. He invited me a week before and reminded me everytime he saw me so It'll be bad if I am a no show. I've tagged along Marco so I can easily make an alibi. It was really fun I've lost track of time. After I showered Marco and I went back to Jimmy's party. I've skipped going to my highschool buddies cause I knew I just have an hour or so to go to El5. It was so fun there cause they're fuss free and full of humour. Even Marco enjoyed their company. It doesnt matter if we where in a crowded place and its hot. They were just hilarious.

At El5, Marco and I met Ize and Tin with their buddies which I know of. I can freely move with them cause we have spent time together back then.

I excused myself for a while cause I met Armie at a nearby resort. I knew her from a friend. And been hearing a lot of her from him. They were in town as their monthly reunion. I met some of her other friends too. Dang! She was Va voom! No wonder she caught my friend's attention. Anyway I invited them to a local bar. They were friends of a close so friend, I just extend my hospitality. But they passed up cause they're wet and planning to have bonfire.

Anyway I went home at almost 5 this morning after we grab some breakfast. I'm so tired, I've planned to have a movie marathon this afternoon at Zesar's place.

We'll got to go... I need a rest... All Soul's Day is just around the corner and it means a lot of friends in town and that means a lot of options...

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