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Friday, October 6, 2006

Happy Birthday SANDRO

I just want to greet SANDRO a Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday T2Y.

I never forget the memories we've shared.


I'm wondering if I'm gonna pop into his party this night, if he has any... And I wonder if his in town...

My Birthday is next week and I still had no plans because I still had no moolah for the party. My salary is on hold again cause of change in my employment status. I'm crossing my fingers it will not be for over a month.

There's still hope but I doubt what can P1.2k do... I want it to be a bash and I want it on Friday the 13th. I can easily move tha date but I want the exact date. It's not quite every often my birthday falls on such date. T__T

Note to self

Award Winning iiP

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