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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Claudine/ Milkfish Dinner Candlelight Style

Happy Birthday Claudine

My cousins throw a nice party for my nephew last Thursday. There were live bands, even she performed. There were a lot of people, mostly kibitzers. I need to get off my bike and asked them to give way so I can park. I invited my friends there. It was a party. As usual I slept. I had memory gap the next morning. I don't know how I got to my bed, where is my bike cause I got the key beside me, what time did the party finished. Aww. So bad, I didn't dared to asked my aunts any questions.

Moving on, yesterday Zesar, Lloyd, Aries, Jimbo and I are at the Golden Spring again out of spontaneity. I didn't went to work cause I woke up late with a mild hangover and there's no power. We had a fun time, swimming and fishing. Toffee, Dang, Joel and Cy came over exactly for dinner. We had a al fresco candlelight dinner! Just imagine eating milkfish dishes in the dark. Hahaha.

Dang, I don't have any camera gain. I just copy some photos from my friend's camera phone then upload them later.

But the fun didn't lasted till the evening. Almost all my company were award winning when they got home. I don't want to dwell much about it. I apologized to a friend cause I'm the one to blame for what happened, I am the one who convinced someone to come. I stood for Aris cause his aunt is really in bad mood. Luckily Jimbo was his former student. It helped ebb the anger of his aunt a lot.

It was Friday night and I ended up with Ize only at the local bar. I was tired after a day of activity so after we went home early. Before truly going home I just ate cause I didn't ate a lot on our candlelight dinner. Just imagine eating with all those 214 bones a milkfish have in dimlight. Hahaha.

BTW, I had an exchanged of messaged with someone. And I assert to him what my decisions and plans are. It felt good to talk with him like that. I really dig intellectual men. :)

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