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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

El5 Brawl And Nasugbu "Dollars" Hospital

Last Saturday there was a brawl at El 5. It was like a scene from a local action movie. It lasted for almost half hour. Bottles were crashing everywhere, chairs thrown all over, a lot of shouting and shrieking. It was really chaos. And while this happening, I'm still drinking my beer in the band's locker room. Hahaha.

What funny about what happened was my line - "Di po ako! Bakla ako! Bakla ako!" When a man poised a broken bottle on me and asking if I'm the one who hit a bottle on one of his friend. It was like wildfire on partying community. Almost everyone knew instantly. I came to the office this morning and an acquiantance knew about it.

Anyway, I just got a swelling on my forehead and the back of the head when a brawler kicked opened the door. Luckily I was near the wall so it hit me lightly on my forehead then I bumped the back of my head on the wall.

Aris got 5 stiches from his wound due to broken glass that hit his knee. He's quite lucky too, cause if he ain't wearing a maong short it would be worse. We paid big bucks for a wound that's not bigger than or the size of a ballpen's cap. But the attending doctor decided for herself, that's without asking us, opened the sterile thread for stiching then told us that we have to pay for the thread even if they don't stich the wound. Hey I don't have any medical background but I think a butterfly wound closure bandage will work on it and it means less scarring. Talk about being "sigurista." And you know what we are charged 600 bucks because it was "emergency." Talk about emergency, e ang layo layo nun sa bituka at di naman nya ikamamatay yung maliit na sugat na yun.

I heard other stories like this and I know there's a lot more that are untold. Di naman ako galit, wala lang. Na-experience ko lang kung bakit famous ang Nasugbu "Dollars" Hospital. Peace!


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