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Monday, October 16, 2006

Birhday Bash '06

A lot of things happened since midnight of my Birthday. I'm not gonna talk some of it in this post but in another post. Also I can't babble some of what happened though.

My muscles are still aching till now due to the preparation and after party cleaning. Thank you for Aris, who helped me from morning till the after party cleaning. You're really a "sandalan."

Thanks to all the people who've came to my party in such short notice. Thank you for adhering to the dress code. And sorry for some of the people who I haven't personally invited cause it is really a last minute decision. It's like a surprise birthday party, the only thing different is it is the celebrant who's throwing it. Hahaha. And thanks to all the people who have greeted me. Thanks Armie. I was suprised you've texted.

I already uploaded the pixs. Click HERE. You're probably wondering why there's a few pixs. It is because I am the photographer, waiter and bartender, receptionist, entertainer, and of course the celebrant/host(ess) of the night. All rolled in one. And I really got drunk early cause I'm tired of the preparation and I need to sit and chat in different tables/group of friends. And every time I sat down there's always a shot of beer.

The party ended at almost 4 am. But I still had the energy left for a cup coffee with some friends.

Before I go I want to greet Ize a Happy Birthday! Thank you you've come to my party. Where's yours? Hahaha

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