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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

All Soul's Day

It was All Soul's Day today and I'm planning to visit my grandparents' grave when it's already dark. To avoid the scorching heat, dust and the volume of people visiting their family and relatives graves today. There's a rush of people paying respect to their loved ones grave early this morning and maybe it will last till early afternoon because tomorrow is not a holiday. Arrghh, work again! Why the fuck the government didn't declare tomorrow or yesterday a holiday. Pif.

Anyway, last night I talked with someone close to me and we cleared things up. (I hope) We talked for almost over 5 hours. We have talked for almost three hours when we decided to have two bottles each of beer. We talked a lot of things. It's like catching up. It feels good.

There are some Issues again, I know. But the hell I care. Maybe the two-faced friend informed her bestfriend. That's a guess but again, who else? >:-)

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