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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

X-mas 06 Wish List: 01 - iPod

 Raja's Christmas Wish List 2006


     Since it's now "ber" month, I'm gonna start my Christmas wish list. I'm gonna add an item one by one as it occurs to me. And I'm gonna repost it anew every time I think of a wish. :)

    And in any case you were having a hard time coming up with something to get me for Christmas... I've thought about it, and I'd really like:

1. iPod

     I just encountered the new 1GB iPod shuffle last Friday at the Youth 4 I.T. Congress at the U.P. Diliman. It so fucking neat. It's so cool for my ride. :D~

      But if you still have some moolah to spare why not make it a 2GB iPod Nano. But if you really really love me, gimme the iPod video. Hahaha!

     And since my Birthday is just around the corner, you can gimme my wishes as birthday presents. Hahaha!

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