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Thursday, September 21, 2006

University Library in the Making *crosses fingers*

I just came from a meeting with the Administration Officer, the Director for Academic Affairs and my fellow librarian. I finally pitched in my proposal to integrate the high school library with the college library and operate as one unit - university library.

My colleague will choose the library materials that will be transferred to the college library. Other materials will be weeded and condemn as it will also eat up valuable shelf space. Just last week there are 5 boxes of books that came from CHED, mostly textbooks. Most of them are more than ten to twenty copies each. I am planning to issue some of the books to the teaching faculty to save some space. I still have a pending request of books amounting to almost P350,000.00, which includes a new set of encyclopedia. If I add all these volumes, I might be needing more shelves. Gonna browse Gaylord again for some ideas for shelves and library equipments.

The current Internet laboratory will be transferred to the high school library which my colleague will vacate. The high school library will now house all the workstations and equipment of the Internet Library plus the newly acquired Officestation set which was delivered yesterday. It will be the new Internet Laboratory and Multimedia Library that is an extension of Library services.

There will be a lot of work to do in preparation for integrating the two libraries. Especially in the accountability aspect. I will need to do the inventory,
AGAIN. The high school library will also have to do an inventory to choose which materials to be transferred and those materials to be weeded and condemned. After which the Supply Office then will now provide a new Memorandum of receipts with both of us accountable for the entire library holdings. My last inventory lasted for two weeks, I wonder how long it will gonna take to finish the inventory for the high school library. I'm crossing my fingers that this will be over before the Second semester starts.

After the inventory, another problem that will arise is the shelving of the books. Much space will be used in the display of the books especially when the new acquisitions will be delivered. The shelves will eat up space intended for the study area and the circulation section.

On the positive side, the library will be more effective and efficient as it will be manned by two librarians. IMHO, there will be no problem with the division of labor for us. We're gonna have our own responsibilities as well as shared responsibilities in the library management and operation. With the two of us now, the technical work for the recataloguing of the whole library holdings as preparation for library automation can be now be started little by little. I just wish that we will have an added librarian this coming November.

There, I think I've finished my proposal letter as a blog entry. I'll just edit and I'll have a proposal letter to submit. :D

I'm so gonna be busy this semestral break with this project. There goes my vacation. /Pif

Speaking of moving, a friend suggested that I tried to blog at Blogger beta. It looks neat, I will try it when I have time. They currently don't have a way to import posts from other blogging tools. That will mean for me a manual transfer of each entry. Copy Paste - Copy Paste of over 50 entries. :(





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