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Friday, September 8, 2006

Spontaneous 3ps

I was in Manila last night out of spontaneity. After work I received a message from friends that they are already in Tagaytay and they gonna watch a gig of a friend, Cesar's band - Slave of Silence, and asked me to follow. And without thinking I hurried home changed clothes, grab a few things and dumped them in a bag. In no time I was in a bus to Manila.

I met them at Central Station roughly before 9pm, I grabbed a pack of Marlboro and big bottle of mineral water at 7-11 and off we went to Mayric's Espana. We waited a couple of minutes outside the bar for the others cause they went to pick up a friend.

Inside it was jampacked, luckily were a guest of the band and were seated in the front most table just before the stage. We were just in time, the first band just started and there were six more to perform. It was rock bands. So there's a lot of shouting. I really don't dig rock music but hey it was my friend who's gonna perform so what the heck with music preference.

I had a beer first then decided to order something to fill my empty stomach. Afterwards it was all booze and finger foods. I even tried cocktails. Yum!Grace arrived with a friend before my friend's band performed.

They performed nice with all the bongos, it's sounded reggae. I'm planning to have them for my birhtday party but I'm gonna decide first where the venue is. They even did the song "Anay." Hahaha. I tried to have a video of theire performance but the audio is all fucked up. Tch.

The party ended soon and since the night still young I urged them that we go to Malate and party. Only Grace and her friend didn't tagged along cause today she has her capping ceremony. Congratulations Gracie! Alona who has still work tomorrow came with us with his cousin or I think friend, duh whatever, what matter is he's nice. He told me I've already met him at El5 but I don't remember.

We were supposed to party but we ended up eating. I ordered chao fan rice at Chowking cause I used their loo. And when I came back at their table they already have ordered food. It was much nicer on what I expected it to be. It was food, jokes and talks.

After eating, Alona's cousin/friend urged me to make a wish on the fountain nearby, and so I did. After we took some pictures we went to bay walk. We just strolled there and sat at the breakwater. Strolled more and chat more. And quarter before three o'clock, Aris, Egay and I bid goodbye to them to catch the first bus trip en route to Nasugbu.

I've spent the whole trip sleeping. I only woke up when somebody sat beside me and in Tagaytay where they alighted. We arrived at 6 am in Nasugbu. I did catch more sleep and that's why I'm two hours late this morning. :)

Hmmm, I wonder where to go tonight.

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