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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Problem with Raven

I woke up this morning with a head splitting headache due to hangover. The heat aggravated the pain much more. I was watching the Terminal while sweating profusely due to the sweltering heat. After the movie I took a long shower to alleviate the pain and cool off.

After I showered I messaged Zesar to pick me up, I left Raven to him last night cause I was fucking sober and they don't let me drive. We went to Balayan and had the neon lights rewired so I won't open the utility box every time I need to switch it on/off.

When I thought something is wrong with one neon light cause it started to blink in rhythm with the flasher whenever I use the signal light. I asked Kelvin about it and he told me it that the neon light shouldn't be tapped to the engine, whatever. I thought it was just only the batteries that need recharging. I need to take Raven again to the motor shop he referred to get it rewired, again. And I need the batteries to be recharged. Aaargh. When will this end? I wish that my bike back in tip top shape before the week ends. I need to take Raven back to the "casa" for a tune up and have its oil changed this coming Saturday.

Got to go. Zesar's gonna pick me up anytime soon. There's a small feast in their house and all GayBigans are invited. Reunion? Hmmm, I wonder what will happen.

Note to Self:
I did a crazy thing last night, not that crazy to be called crazy. I just followed my heart. My mind is numb because of the beers I guzzled. I just need to do it. Gate

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