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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Picasa & Photofiltre

I've read about this software, Picasa, from the newspaper sometime ago and I had it on my computer since then. I think it was recommended and reviewed by Jim Paredes. I use it together with another software he recommended, Photofiltre.

I just used Picasa this time when it had an update. It locates and sorts all my images into visual albums organized by date. It also has photo editing/retouching features, but I use Photofiltre instead. And what I like with Picasa is the Web Albums feature. I can easily upload my photos to my own web album. And I have a whooping 250 MB of space. How's that? With my old image hosting, they just allow me 70 MB of space or 350 pictures, whichever comes first. That's why I had a lot of account there.

And what great about these softwares are they're freeware. :)

Check my Picasa Web Album

Note to self:


La caramella ed io hanno avuti tre bottiglie di SML ciascuno al deposito. Abbiamo mangiato il nostro pranzo al angolo Cozy con Marco.

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