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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Memory Lapse 2 & Raven got a Check up

Looks like I'm not the only one who have a memory loss the other night. I asked someone what happened that night, but he too cannot remember well what took place. He had memory loss too! Hahaha. IMHO, he's much worse than me, he didn't remembered how he closed their store, how he got in their house and the worst - he didn't remembered he puked in his bed. He was the joke in his family when he woke up. They told him it was his youngest brother that puked in his bed and he totally believed it because he had no memory about what happened. I had an embarassing experience like that but I'll not talk about it cause it's way way much embarassing.

The two of us who suffered from memory loss brought Raven to the motor shop this afternoon. I brought Toffee along so he will stand as the "spokeperson" for Raven cause I'm not familiar with the particular things that need to be check, clean and/or adjust and repair. In the end, Raven was tuned up, got his oil changed, his battery charged, carburator cleaned, and other minor maintenance I know nothing of. I think his in tip toe shape again.

BTW Marco is with me that night and he's also drunk but not to the extent of having a memory loss. He confirmed that some other friends dropped by and we still had some beers after the brandy that Toffee partially remembered. I am totally unaware of it. I learned from him that the four of us closed the store. And that he, Marco, picked me up and brought me to the cafe. I immediately asked Marco if I have done or said something stupid and I am very thankful I haven't. I had a total blackout for the events that took place that evening.

Enough of my memory loss cause what's the point of talking about it if I myself can't remember what happened. Hahaha. But there's one memory I can't forget even if I am devoid of the whole details and feelings. What important is I remembered it, and it did happened. :D


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