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Thursday, September 7, 2006

I Need a Palm Doctor

Shit! I broke the clip of the sim card tray of my Tungsten W last night. And think I lost my connection for the nth time this morning because the sim card is not in contact with the pins or whatever.

I'm still busy looking searching the web for some place locally where I can bring it for repair and also for some check up and cleanup. I found a local site,, its a forums for local users of palm PDAs. There are tons of subjects that seems helpful. I'm still sifting through the posts in the forums in for some help. I decided to post a new topic because some posts are over a year ago. :(

I'm gonna give it some pampering. Check-up, clean up and change the sim tray. And since it's full of scratches, I'll give it a paint job or just get a new case cause it has now a chip, whichever fits my budget. Buy a new screen protector.  Buy some accessories, a hardcase or any case and maybe get a new stylus.

I just love my T/W. It's very reliable that's why I'm dependent on it. Sobrang love ko t/w ko and it need a Palm Doctor asap.

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