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Saturday, September 16, 2006


Been away from a PC for almost three days. I attended a seminar and did an ocular inspection in U.P. library. I don't want to talk about the seminar particulars and the inspection. What I want to talk about is what I ate.


Cause I splurged on food, glorious food on these two days.  I planned to took my coleagues to Mang Jimmy's but due to time constraints I opted for the lutong bahay which is much accesible to the seminar venue. They were suprised that the dining area is literally in the house.

For dinner I ate salmon sashimi, California maki, miso soup, yaki udon and beef teppanyaki in one seating. Hahaha. Don't ask where I brought those food to, cause I also don't know.

We went to Klownz Araneta for some drinks and laugh. I got more of what I have expected. I'm gonna talk about it later and post some pics on what I saw. Hahaha

The next day I had korean bowl and I had my favorite watermelon shake at the Casaa in U.P. for lunch. And for dinner I went Filipino style in Barrio Fiesta. I had kalderetang baka and pakbet. I want to eat at other place but I'm too tired and hungry to look for another place and we ran out of time looking for particular shops in the immense SM Mall of Asia.

I might enjoyed these meals more if I haven't got a cold. My taste buds are not working normaly. And it is because of the fumes of the poultry feeds I inhaled when I got my bike pimped. It started as an irritation but it developed in a ful blown cold and cough.

I've spent this whole afternoon cleaning my room which alleviated my cold and cough. I moved some furnitures to give my room a different look. I also put the matress back cause the night is starting to get colder cause it's "ber" month.

I still had a cold and a cough. Bah, that doesn't stop me. Got to go. My friends are already waiting at the local bar. :D Bye!


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