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Monday, September 11, 2006

Busy Weekend

I had a busy weekend.

Friday night I finally had the chance to see an old friend who came from Denmark. I tagged Marco along. She was with her highschool friends which is no trouble for me cause I know almost all of them because we have the same alma mater or I either had the chance to party with them back then.

She's happy cause I still have the ring she gave me. I was in Singapore when she gave it to me, she did a stop-over to Singapore en route to Norway just to give it to me. :) We tend to do crazy things. Hahaha.

After a few drinks we moved to the local bar to party. We expected a lot of people in the bar cause it was Friday night but there were just a few tables filled. :( The beers overflowed and as usual I was sober. Nah, that's not a new story. Hahaha. After dropping Marco home I went to my friend's internet cafe. I was gonna blog but I ended up sleeping there. It was 8 am when I got home.

I slept more then watched the boob tube. When it was roughly noon, I ate lunch and showered and  I'm out of the house again. I just picked up a friend and off we went to Balayan to bring the bike to the machine shop. He's like he acted as the spokeperson for the bike cause I'm not familiar with the particulars that need to be fixed with my bike. Hello, I just know how to ride a bike but I don't know bike troubleshooting yet. Hahaha.

After he spoke with the mechanic and we agreed about the cost of labor we're off walking. We ended up leaving the bike overnight because it will take a lot of time to do the repair adn alignment plus the mechanic don't want to rush his job. We'll it was nice hearing that, at least "raven" is in good hand. BTW I christened my bike "Raven" when I brought it to the church to have it blessed. I named it raven because of its color, black.

The two of us ended walking from the motor shop to the cockpit arena which was quite a long walk. We stopped in every bike accessory shop and canvassed some items. I planned to pimp up my bike with mags, footrests, a new pair of hand grip, and have it lowered to have one sweet ride. I later found out that there is still no available mags for my bike. :(

Even though the jeepney is moving at turtle speed It was a nice trip.We had a lot of time to catch up with each other. I ended up eating dinner in his house and we talk more afterwards. I just bid good bye when some friends fetched me cause I don't have a ride.

I spend Saturday night in the company of high school friends. We catched up on what's each of us have been to and are up to cause it's rare for us to meet like this. They have asked me about my accident. And joked if I'm into collecting scars from bike accidents. I had a good time because of a lot of stories, beer, food, jokes, and my high school buddies around.

Yesterday we picked up Raven. We were supposed to pick it up after lunch so we have plenty of time to pimp it up but we ended picking it at almost 5 pm. We spent half an hour waiting cause the mechanic accidentally brought my bike's key with him.

We got home last night from balayan with my pimped up ride at about 10 pm. It took about three and half hours to pimp it up. I put two neon lights, changed my headlights bulb to blue for a white glow effect, installed an on/off switch, changed handgrips, footrests and changed the engine cover. It took a lot of time rewiring because of removing all the flarings and getting it back.

After two parties I got home at about 3 in the morning, as usual, sober. :O

It was a tiring weekend but It was nice. Catching up with old friends and buddies, meeting new ones and one sweet ride.

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