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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Alcohol Free

My body is alcohol free for the past two nights. Not a single sip. Instead of drinking, I'm into foodtrip. And to add I'm usually home and sleeping by 1am. Hahaha! At least I shaved off an hour or two from my customary 2 am - 3 am bedtime. And that means extra hours of Zzzs.

Hmmmm i wonder how long will it last this healthy lifestyle. Maybe I give myself till tomorrow night. Healthy lifestyle is not for me.

I want to talk and rant about lot of things but I better keep my mouth zipped. :P

Maybe later. If I really
flame up. Hahaha.

Thought to ponder on:

We cannot please all, it's a reality. Even how much noble your intentions and motives are, there will always be people who will tend to think otherwise.

Note to self:
Finalize the "Fairytale Story"

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