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Monday, September 18, 2006


I almost forgot the date yesterday. I just remembered it when I received a text message this morning from B, apologizing that his message is late again. He informed me that he's planning to be in town this afternoon and he might pay me a visit.

I always look forward for his text in a particular date - 17. He messaged me only a couple of times per month cause he's on the other network and texting isn't our thing. We prefer personal talk, chats rather than keeping our thumbs busy.

I rarely visit him nowadays because of personal reason and I know he's next to walk the aisle after his bestfriend. And sooner or later I gonna receive a personal invitation from him as he promised.

And we do have a different kind of relationship. A relationship that is cemented by trust, intellectual talks and about almost anything under the sun and understanding rather than intimacy, display of affection and constant contact.

In the crisis that's happening in my life I almost forgot him as a person that really cares for me even though he often not show. Thank you for being there.

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