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Sunday, August 20, 2006


I spent last night in Balaytigue out of sheer spontaneity. It started as a joke between me and a friend but we ended up being there. Hahaha.


It was thrilling. We were just two and each of us drove our own bike on the way up there. And I led the convoy cause my friend didn't know how to get there. I didn't told him that I'm quite unfamiliar too with the road and the bends cause I'm really thrilled. Hahaha! I almost missed the bend where we should turn caused my eyes is locked on the white paint on the road. I didn't wander my eyes anywhere cause it's dark and the road is dangerous because of ravines, bends and the inclination of ascent and descent is quite dangerous for inexperienced drivers like me. Also it is quite spooky, the surroundings is like a location scene from a suspense movie where something will just pounce on you. Hahaha. I can't believed I've done that by myself. I always get a friend to drive me especially long haul trips.


I am totally unprepared I thought we were just gonna fetch a friend but he told us that his mom won't allow him to come with us so he insisted that we spend the night there since its already late.


It was nice, different kind of experience. We drank and talked al fresco outside their house which was in the bank of the river. Chirping of insects, the moonlight, fresh air laced with the scent of the sea. This seemed what I needed after a physically, mentally and emotionally tiring week.

We just came home 8 this morning after we ate the breakfast his nice father prepared for us.


I really need to do a lot of this to relax and unwind. Hmmm, maybe I gonna go fishing again with old friends like I used to do. Gotta do that.


Bye for now got to bring my bike to the motor shop for a check up and I need to pick up my sis afterwards.



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