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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Sleeping Beauty and the Seven Dwarves

I am Sleeping Beauty and I have my seven dwarves. Hahaha!

Here how it happened...

To make the long story short, Last night I was drunk too early and I slept on the store counter while my friends are still drinking and when I woke up 2 hours after someone coined the term "Sleeping Beauty and his Seven Dwarves." XD Hahaha. He said metaphorically I am the sleeping beauty of the group cause I always doze off in the middle of drinking session with them, and the seven dwarves represents the men in my life that are vertically challenged, no offense but it's not my idea. [Come to think of it,  I always want a man who's taller than me but I end up with someone the opposite. But hey, great things do come in small packages.And i much prefer a bigger braincase than long limbs. ]

So here's a challenge for those who really know me, Can you name the seven dwarves? They are not necessarily the guys that I had a romantic relationship with, some I just have dated, some I flirted with, others are guys people thought I'm romantically linked to at the time of this writing. I just nicknamed them according to their attitude.


The Seven Dwarves

1. Simple
2. Brainy
3. Free-spirited
4. Rebel
5. Photogenic
6. Banubat (a giveaway)
7. Gamer (a lot of names here)

Hint: The last three guys have never been my "partner." I just included them in the list cause it's the exact name of guys which the person who coined the term "7 dwarves" thought of that instance.

P.S. If you know simple

can you please tell him for me that:



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