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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Service and additional compensation

I was in a seminar workshop this morning. I was hesitant to go cause I felt belittled by their invitation. The phrase "be oriented on some basic library functions..." sounded insulting to me. They haven't paid us a visit even though they stated it on their letter that they did.

I just learned this morning why did they stated that on their invitation. From all the librarians of extension campuses we were only three librarians by professions. I think were about 15-20 people in the room. Others are teaching faculty cum librarians. Another was
teaching faculty cum guidance officer cum librarian. Wow I wondered how do she multitasked. Can't blame them, they were just designated as librarians by their superior.

The Director of Library Services have asked me specifically about library automation when she learned that as part of my plans for my library. She let me skipped all the seatwork they prepared for the day. She then planned to talk to my Administrator to request my help in teaching the other library staff of two campuses by visiting them once a week.

Luckily after lunch there was a presentation of library software I'm interested in using for the library automation.

I didn't stayed after the presentation. There's no point in staying anymore. I planned to get my ass out of there after lunch but the seminar got my attention and that's why I stayed.

About the help they need, I will say yes only if they provide me with a
service and additional compensation. Hahaha! I'm not that demanding it's just a hassle and costly having to commute and change ride twice.  And also I have my library to take care of. :P

My advice -
go hire a professional librarian.

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