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Saturday, August 26, 2006

PIna Pares and Small Circle, BIG Circle

I can now use Raven but I still need to bring it to Balayan to have it checked by the mechanic and ask about insurance. Aris brought Raven at the motor shop the other day to fix the foot brake and had the mechanic check for any damages. But I stil feel it needs a lot of repair.

I just got my salary a day early so yesterday Aris, Toffee and I went to Balayan for dinner at Pina Pares. I love their sisig and tanigue steak. Here are some pixs.

It was later followed with some beers (talk about some, we ended up being drunk) at Kozy Korner with Kuya Egay. I wondered what will happen if others suddenly came and saw us. I bet they gonna think we're the new circle of friends. Small circle, BIG circle. Hahaha.

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