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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My PDA was abducted by aliens and now it has Memory Gap XD

Phew, after almost half an hour of waiting for my PDA to finish it hot sync with my desktop i can now breathe for a moment (cause I need to do what the accreditors demands from me and its a complicated one). My PDA is good as it was last Friday August 11, 2006 5:25 pm, the last hot sync. It's like my phone been to bermuda triangle or abducted by aliens and back with its memory erased from that time to this time. Hahaha. It has now memory gap like its owner. Hahaha

All my files, my sms, contacts, notes, sketches, everything is back (I hope so, I just had a quick check on important data, my photos and sms) the way it was last friday. All files and sms received from that time onwards are all lost. I had 200++ messages from Friday to this early morning that is lost forever. There goes my a piece of myself. FUCK! And almost half of it are important to me. T__T

Well at least I got the old sms back. They are far important than those 200 messages. 1k messages is better than those 200. :)

Bye! Need to finish what the accreditor needs. BTW today is the accreditation of CTE and its panic here and it's just 9 am in the morning. I love seeing them in panic. Hahaha! Maybe I'll just sweet talk the accreditor to get a nice grade for the library. I bet she know the plight of librarians in goverment libraries.
Hahaha. :D Its panic all over and still I can laugh and care less. HAHAHA

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