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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Im a Sucker!

I Fuckinly spent a lot of night Partying till dawn.
I Definitely spent a great deal of my nights on Gimmicks.
I  Unquestionably spent most of my nights in the company of Friends.
I have spent Countless night Drinking till I'm sooo intoxicated.
I also have my share of nights sleeping on someone's bed. >:)

But these last two nights are far better than what I mentioned above. It didn't involve partying, computer games, a lot of friends around, and especially alcohol.  I spent the two subsequent nights just talking and sharing thoughts, more of bonding with someone. But it was fucking perfect! It was like a scene clipped from a romantic movie. Hahaha. Just me, someone dear to me, sitted on my bike parked outside his house, talked for a long time, poured his heart to me, with a soft light from a beautiful full moon that bathed us. It was fucking nice! La la la.

Call me cheesy. But I'm a sucker for romance.

I just love being in love.

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