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Friday, August 11, 2006

I want to be married!

I just got my salary this afternoon. And fuck it barely made half of how much I suppose to get. Fuck the taxes. It took almost half of the amount I should get. I want to marry right now just to lessen my witholding tax. Eeew! That is never gonna happen. I won't tie the knot just because of taxes.

Stop about marriage, it's also my fault. If I haven't accumulated a lot of absences then this would never happened at the first place. I was absent for over a week. *grins* I' didn't go to office for half of the working days I should be there.  So it's totally my fault.

As usual every payday I rewarded myself and a close friend with a nice dinner. It was a long time I treat myself for a dainty dish. Burp! Tomorrow I might do it again. :)

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