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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Highway Divided

Last night Gaybigans divided the highway into two. Egay, Aris and I are on Fame the Lupo, watching V for Vendetta as planned. The rest of GBs are right across the street, also drinking.


I felt something thick is in the air right after I arrived. I knew there was a small fight between friends last night. And maybe it is because of that incident there’s some coldness within the group. I felt sarcasms in the words of a friend when I crossed the street to join Egay and Aris. That afternoon we planned to spend the night watching movies over some beers. And I’d stick to the plan.


I wonder how long will the highway be divided… I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll be soon.


I did a terribly awful thing. But what I’m supposed to do. I was caught in the middle. His father asked me a favor to download an application form. And he doesn’t want to apply for that. But his father kept on asking me about it and left me without option. So I downloaded a copy of the form and handed it to his father, expecting that they two gonna talk about that matter and leave me out of the picture. But it turned out the other way around. I’m very sorry about it. You know I’m just scared of your father and you know that I don’t want to meddle with your issues. I’m truly sorry for what I have done.

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