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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Feeling of Acceptance and my Reason for Giving

I've felt welcomed and accepted for these past two nights. They have shown me respect and hospitality and I am very thankful for that. It's like I have been given their blessings.

I've spent dinner with him. And I even obliged to his father's request on helping her sister running the store cause he's sick. I brought him citrus fruits cause of it's good for his colds.

Moving on, last night after dinner with him, I followed Zesar, Egay, Wilson and Aris in a local KTV Bar. Had a couple bottle of beers. We moved to the local bar, had another couple of beers. Strolled to Lian, bought some more booze and headed to a Egay's "resthouse" and drank  again. I'm so sober I didn't knew what happened next. I got home 9:30 this morning. And I have a terrible hangover even after I slept more and showered. I only eaten soup and mashed potato till now. And I know that later I'm gonna drink again because of some misunderstanding.

I give cause I want to give, it's no strings attached for me. That's how I show friends especially  people that are close to my heart that I really love and care for them. And you know what, they don't ask for it the things I give them, I just want them to have it. People always misintrepret that when I gave some friends something. Especially when  I'm out dining or having fun with some guy friends and I pay for the bill. They always have preconception that were partners. Why it is because I am gay? Fuck those who thinks so. Put this in narrow mind of yours - Most of the friends I hang out with are straight guys. Why? Cause they are fun to be with cause they are spontaneous, fuss free, broad minded and adventurous and most important is that they treat me with respect. And maybe the reason your judgemental is you do not see me as they see me. And or you're just jealous. So don't make any issues about it.

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