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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Accreditation, and 2 pages of Recommendation

Everything have gone smoothly between me and Dr. Yap, the accreditor for my area, these past two days. The first day was intense as she rapidly asked me for a lot of documents. Documents that we don't have and will take a lot of time to prepare. I just prepared all the documents they have done on the first accreditation. I just followed suit. But what she asked for are totally different kind and format of documents. I left my teammate on her to answer questions about our Area so that I can prepare for the shitload of documents to be submitted tomorrow. All day my teammate was busy going to and fro the library and the accreditation room asking me questions.

At three in the afternoon I realized I really can't finish by tomorrow what she is asking for. It can take days or even a week to sort out the raw data needed for the document. So armed with the documents that I needed to sift through I went to the accreditation room and told her the real deal about the state of the library. She was strict at first, she is known to be. Throwing at me a lot of questions and asked why I wasn't there at the first place.

The ice between us broke when she learned my name and she was quite intrigued. I then gave my sister's name and she laughed. And then there she learned that I was an "unico hijo." I jokingly told her that were actually "tatlong maria." She laughed and from there we chatted casually till the last day.

The next day she did an ocular inspection of the library and chatted like we were "close". She was very nice in giving out tips, tricks and suggestions for the library. I then learned from her I can get standard dimensions of library equipments from . I didn't catched it a first so I asked her to write down the website address in the piece of paper I had. She then syllabicatedly said "Gay-lord." I thought what in the hell an address like that got to do with library equipment so I asked again and she told me "Gay as in gay," and asked if I already got it this time. I nod and laughingly told her that it sounded like a porn website that's why I asked her twice. And then she laughed too.

Almost every recommendation she gave me are part of my 5 year development plan. She even commended me on my plan to unify the College and High School library into one University Library. And taught me how to prepare a proposal for that project.

In the closing program held this morning the accreditors have delivered their initial recommendations for each of the Areas. Dr. Yap told that she have a whooping 2 pages recommendation for the library but she had stressed four important points. That the library need all the support for its development, the dedication of the administration is important because they are long term plans, that they should provide me with one or two library to staff to efficiently and effectively run the library, and finally that the Administration should give me a full scholarship to further my studies. Awts, I was seating in front and I felt my nape is burning cause I felt everyone is looking at me because of that recommendation.

The recommendation for sure are shitload of work I need to do, plans to accomplish, changes to be made but on the other hand it is nice because the administration now knew that my plans and demands are really important and needed to be at par with other libraries. And what is also great about it is it is from a librarian's point of view.

Challenge here I come. :)

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