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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I had a motorcycle accident early Sunday morning. And it's my second accident in a motorcycle. Well, this one's different from the previous one because this time I'm the one driving.


I was driving back to the local bar after a friend and I dropped a friend home. I am on my bike and she on her bike. It started to rain so we were driving a bit fast. I was singing on the top of my lungs while driving but I can't remember if it is "pangako sa 'yo" or it is "ikaw" cause I'm really sober that time. Then all I remembered was I was being helped by my friend to stand up and asked if I were okay. I frisked my body and after feeling there are no broken bones I grabbed my PDA and messaged someone important to me about what happened.

It was raining hard when a couple friends came to help. They were all frantic while on the other hand I'm calm. The friend who helped me went hysterical after she saw I had blood running from my forehead. We were all soaking wet by that time. One friend quickly searched my head for where the blood is coming from. He found out that it was only minor abrasions on my scalp and it's nothing serious. They asked me if I'm ok, what happened and they wanted to bring to me to the hospital. I said I'm Ok and I just wanted to go home and sleep.

I was soaking wet when I got home. I'm so tired so after I removed my wet clothes I fell asleep in the nude. I was thinking that if I have any deep wounds, it might stick to the cloth and will be a trouble. Better to sleep nude rather than going the trouble of seperating my clothes with the wound.

I woke up early because it was cold so I quickly slip on a pajama and a shirt. I just replied my friends' messages telling that I'm okay. After that I doze off again. The next time I woke up my mom was standing at my bed. She didn't noticed my abrasions at first, she was there because I left a pool of water at the doorstep when I came home last night. And then she saw my arms, and asked if I've had another bike accident again. I just nod and then told her I'm okay and it's just minor abrasions, no broken bones or whatsoever and there's nothing to worry about. But she started her tirade about getting myself a bike, if it was not for father she wouldn't agreed at the first place, that I usually drink, blah blah blah. To cut her I told her that just be thankful this is all that happened and I'm still alive and I just needed a rest. Well, that helped, the last thing I remembered was she was beside me before I slept again.

My mom gave me quick shower, as I requested her cause my left shoulder hurts. Afterwards she treated my abrasions. I ate a quick meal then off I go to the usual hangout. Hahaha! I met some friends there. They were saying that I still have the strength to wander around after all that happened. Hahaha. I just don't want to ruin my day because of such petty thing. And you know what, I have all this energy and much much more because I find the energy to do all things and more because of  someone . :)

Sunday night we were at a resto, we were talking about what happened. It was kinda weird. I was so sober I didn't remember a few things I have done back at the bar. I was like, "really? Did I do that?" It was so so weird like we were talking about someone else and not me. I didn't remember the 2nd swig of tequila I drank. And I didn't remember I had body shot the tequila with someone. I didn't remember going to the stage getting the microphone from the vocalist. But I do remember myself playing the tambourine. I didn't remember that a couple of friends volunteered to drive me home and I refused. It was like a had an amnesia because I drank almost half of the bottle of Gran Matador, 2 shots of tequila and three bottles of red horse.


Infering from the looks of the damage my bike sustained, my footbrake hit a rock then the bike slide on the opposite direction and I rolled on the pavement. My bike has it's footbrake is bent inwards and the the footrest is out of it's usual position because of the force of impact. I was told I was damn lucky my foot haven't got crushed. My left front flasher glass was shattered, the left handle is slightly bent inwards, the left rider's footrest is also displaced and the black handle bar for the rider has scratches and forced inwards all resulting from the slide after I hit the rock. My bike got minor scratches on the bottom flarings which can not easily seen. The scratches that are distinguishable are near the shattered flasher and the black handle bar. I'll post pictures of it when I have time. And don't worry about the bike. I took almost all the scratches. Hahaha.

A friend accompanied me to a "hilot" yesterday to ease the pain in my left shoulder. I tried to get an x-ray but the radiologists told me that I don't need one because I can freely move my arms and from the looks of it I don't have any broken bones. It's just bruised because of the sudden impact. And I'm back at work today, I'm expecting a visitor for the main campus to have an ocular visit on my library.

Seems like my second brush with death didn't dampen my free-spirit.


It didn't at all. In less than 12 hours after the accident I'm on the road again, rampaging! Hahaha.

Everything_happensI did missed a lot of things (and also feelings that I should felt) that night because of the accident. Things that I know is far more  gratifying than being an ass and a sober that night. But I also learned, felt and experienced a lot of things from what happened. 


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