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Monday, August 7, 2006

3 seconds of Pure Bliss

There are things I do because I have to.
There are things I do because I want to.
And then there are the things I do for love.

CrazyI just did a crazy thing yesterday. Hahaha. I missed the chance to see and bid someone goodbye. He messaged he was already at the station. I went to the station but the bus have just left. Fuck! He was at the bus that I passed by. I knew I still got one shot to see him before he leave if I catch the bus before it completes it little detour to pick up passengers on the other town. In spur of the moment I found myself racing to the other town. It started to rain hard while I'm on my way so the vehicles in front of me have slow down. Shit, why do things like this happens specially when you are in a hurry!

I have lost hope when I didn't see the orange-colored bus in the small stretch of the road where the bus should be. The first thing in my mind was it didn't followed it usual itirerary and went Manila-bound directly. It was still raining and I was soaking wet and I was heartsick of not seeing him.  Then as I neared the street where buses do their U-turns, the orange-colored bus loomed before me. HAHAHA! I still have luck on my side. I scanned the driver's side of the bus but he was nowhere to be found. I quickly move to the other side but I can't get a glimpse of the passengers cause the bus slowly gained speed. I quickly overtook the bus and I stopped so I can scan if he was there. And there he is, in his immaculate white polo shirt looking at me. ZOMG!!1!!1!1!oneoneone. Hahaha. And my craziness didn't stop there, I knew I can still catch a glimpse of him one last time in the gasoline station. I had trouble in keeping pace with the bus because it gained speed and because of the rain getting into my eyes. Instead of driving on way around the gasoline station I drived through it so before the bus have completed the turn on the bend I get the final glimpse and waved him goodbye. It was like 3 seconds of pure bliss! Hahaha! He then messaged me telling me how crazy I am and to take care in driving because of the wet road. I just replied with my usual statement - "Adik nga... Adik sau! Ű"

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