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Thursday, July 20, 2006


Im back at work. :)

Tons of stuff to do.

The moment I my foot touched the library premises my staff started rambling about the time when I wasn't here, she goes Sir ganito ganun yadda yadda yadda! Whew!

The Supply Officer called for me and we talked about the accountability of the Library holdings. I got to get signed the letter of request (though it sounds like I'm demanding, actually I am).

Then my teammate in accreditation paid me a visit asked questions. Then there's some stuff that need to be finished. We need to have a librarian's office or rather makeshift a part of library to a librarian's office. Transfer things form the makeshift stockroom to the new stockroom. But first we need to make the stockroom waterproof. Coordinate with a variety of department.

Then I need to decide which will I choose the barcode system or the books for acquisition that was prepared 6 months ago. If i pick barcode system then how about my professional relationship with the book dealers and publishers that exhibited in last year Academic Bookfair. If i pick books for acquisition then how about ISO and Accreditation. Haiz. Tough decision to make. if only they could approve both but there is no fucking budget. BTW the library is accepting donations in any forms. Just contact me or post a comment on how to reach you. HEHEHE

Then there's my status as of now.... Damn....

I need to pay for the lost books during last inventory. The supply office haven't sent me the final list of missing books and their prices. T____T

Still I have no salary yet. But when it comes "daghan ito", sana so I can pay for the missing books.

Then the antique library is in disorder. Books there, books here. Stuff here, papers need to be signed. Stuff to make, repair, and the list goes on.

And then the Administrative Officer called me asking stuff.

Haiz. I like working, I like challenges but if they're not backing up my projects then I cannot make the library a "college library" in standards that they want amd what the accreditors and in the ISO standards demands. There's a lot of stuff to do and change and you know it means a lot money. They want to make an antique library to a hi-tech library and what will you expect to me, of course demands. If they could just increase the library fee to the standard minimum Php200.00 (okay, if they can raise it up to 300.00 why not, hahaha) then there will be influx of budget to support library projects. To tell you the truth the 300k budget from the library fee is just a budget for acquisition of library materials for one semester.

Oooppps, my lunch almost over gtg. That's it for now...

One3 :*

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