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Monday, July 17, 2006

Insanity setting in

Friday night was fun cause I think I'm sober and it was good it numbed my feeling. Hahaha, I wished I have received my salary I was thinking that night of going to the beerhouse for some fun. Hahaha, talked about insanity. I was thinking too to beat my past record of 60 days every night drinking. Hahaha. I wonder what will be my prize now? Last time i did that it was kidney stone. Hahahaha...

Enough of it,  my friends and I were in the local bar that night (and also last night), with One3 and the friend I was talking that we accidentaly hurt his feelings because we were tripping him and it was such a bad timing. I 've told him to go so I'll have a friend to lean on when the need arises. Well its good too to have him back in the circle. I just wished that they fix up their misunderstandings so it's a happily ever after again, (uhmmm for them). T____T I just can't have fun while he is around, I just want to talk to him but it's not the place and time. Tch...

One3 messaged that night at the bar after I dropped him home saying that things are now complicated and its because of his personal decision and he said sorry cause he just knew that he hurt me in a way (Fuck, ngaun nya lang narealize yun? Ano ako alien?) What really caught my attention was the line "Pero aminin ko ngse2los ako ndi ko lam bkit, un ang rison bkit ndi nko sumasama at ndi n kta msyado knakausap" (as in ganyan txt nya). FUCK i was flattered (ang ganda ko, LMAO) and confused. [insertnamehere] ay kaibigan lang at naging sandalan siya nung tayo ay nagkamisunderstanding. San pa ba ako tatakbo e sa lalake din kasi sila ang nakakaunawa ng kapwa nila (hahaha i exempt ba ang sarili at ang mga gaybigans). Simpleng bagay lumalaki. haiz... (kakatuwa pa sunod na line dun e, "Ndi ako lcng 2bote lng nainum ko, gus2 ko nrin naman umuwi. Tnx sa lhat at sori. T_____T... Para sau ung smileys...")

We exchanged a few more messages but I just can't bear discussing this kind of stuff in text messaging so I told him to stop cause its so inappropriate.

BTW he told me to keep this in private and not to open it to them for the meantime. But whatthefuck I'm doing? HAHAHA Sharing it with all. I just need to let it out of my system.

I spent the weekend staying at home watching the boob tube. I usually am out of the house from the time I wake up and eaten some food and on the road again but this weekend I just have don't the urge to go out I just can't. Whohooo... Matutuwa mga tita ko at nagstay ako sa bahay. Hahaha...

I have received a chain text message yesterday from him that says "Dahil malakas ka sa akin me chance ka makapagtanong skin ng kahit na ano pero 1 lang, yadda yadda..." but I just ignored it kasi it's text and baka mag flame up pa ako. Also I have received the same message from someone and I had the urge to text her like "Are you happy now for what you've done" or "Are you the culprit behind all this circus" but i just didn't do. I just don't want to mess things up more.

To quote a line in a local movie "My life is a mess!" Hahahaha, very...

Ooopss, gtg. Got to fetch my "sandalan" cause were invited for a simple gathering... Yay, di pa ko naliligo. Hahaha...

Feel free to add comment or message me...

I wish I were a kid again, scrapes, scratches and bruises are easier to fix than broken heart.



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