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Saturday, July 29, 2006

I'm so Bitch

Im so bitch last night. I played with a close friend's feelings. Shit! I messed up big time. It just started as a dare from a friend and I'm not serious about it.

I messaged him asking what he gonna say to me if I told him I love him. I'm not gonna expound about it cause I feel so fucking guilty. To get to the point he told me that he need time to decide and he will let me know his decision after thinking it through and were both have a couple of drinks already.

I feel fucking more guilty when he thanked me for everything I've done for him he even specified the time he was low and I was there for him. He also considered One3's feelings and even reiterated my feelings for One3. He is such a nice guy and I'm his friend but I fuckingly played with his feelings.

Yep I'm a bitch but not this kind of bitch. I'm gonna straighten things up tonight. May the force be with me.

(I'm sorry One3, I have said something against you, If you're reading this I'm so sorry. You know it was just a dare.)

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