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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Fruit of my Labor

I received two news yesterday:

Good News

Finally I can get my salary of 2 months. :)

Bad News

I can only claim my salary from the period June 5 - July 14. They are figuring out how can they justify my salary as instructor during May 15 - June 2 when there is no classes. :(

OMG! Is this for real? On my hand is my fruit of my labor of two fucking months. (Even if it is one and one half month actually).

At looooooooong last I held the fruit of my labor. Yipee. *Cartwheeled* Hahaha!

Now I wonder how long would it last on my hand? Got to pay my debts.

  1. Nanay for my one and a half months allowance and for my bike
  2. Bausas store for some stuff like laundry
  3. France for the load
  4. My Aunts for extra allowances

Yo Nanay mababayaran na din kita! Love you!

I'll just set aside my plan for my bike to have a mp3 system. It will just happen when i'll receive the other part of my salary. For now Ia'll just think what player to buy and I'll plan to indulge myself for an long overdue shopping.

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